Dear customers!

Regardless of the quarantine, we are open and deliver as usual. However, we now have limited staff in our office. Therefore, we kindly ask you to place your orders and pay online if all possible. Thank you for your understanding! Thank you for understanding!

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine our company offers a contactless delivery option – to avoid any personal contact between our drivers and clients.
If you would like to use this option, please, make sure you do the following while placing your order:
- while making online order choose option "contactless delivery" or inform the operator
- indicate the amount of empty bottles you intend to return
- let us know the empty bottles location to be picked up
- pay online (the link for payment will be sent to you in an SMS message)
Fifteen minutes prior to delivery the driver will call you. This is to indicate to you know that you can put your empty bottles out. After the delivery has happened the driver will call back to inform you that the full bottles can be picked up.

  • 21 years

    we have been delivering delicious great quality water

  • 100 000 peolpe in Kiev

    drink ClearWater every day

  • 14 000 companies

    enjoy our impeccable service

  • 2200 bottles
    per hour

    is our factory capacity

We are part of the ClearWater Group, which has its offices in 3 countries of Europe.

We strive to set new standards of quality and service in Ukraine.

It took us 21 years to create the best water delivery company.

We keep our leadership in 5 areas:



The source is located in an ecologically clean area. Unique purification system. Three types of water. International quality standards.

Our production is located in an environmentally safe area. For hundreds kilometers up the source there are no soil contaminating plants or factories.



The largest and the most up-to-date production site in Europe. Fully-automatic production line. A full-cycle company – we do everything in house.

We are proud of our factory, and it will be our pleasure to guide you through it!

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Impeccable service

Fast problem solving. Cooler rescue team. Sale, rent, sanitization and maintenance of any equipment. Complementary products delivery. We know the preferences of every client. Smile – for free!

We do everything to make you happy. We deliver not only water, but also great mood.


Сonvenient delivery

Wide choice of delivery intervals.
97% on time deliveries (2019 statistics). Same-day delivery. 80 delivery trucks. GPS in each truck.

We are experts in water delivery. We know every street, lane and building in Kiev. We will carry your bottles to any floor, even if the elevator is not working.


Quality control

Product quality control every 2 hour.
ISO 9001:2009, ISO (HACCP) 22000:2007 quality management system. Protective sleeve on bottleneck.

ClearWater has its own government certified laboratory, equipped according to the most recent international standards.


Try ClearWater!
It’s easy to test us indeed

Order ClearWater trial for free!

No contracts or obligations!

I’d like to test European quality and impeccable service!

Office Delivery

We offer special prices for your office water delivery.

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Our production

This state of the art production facility has the largest capacity in Europe. The bottling line is 100% automatic. We do not use intermediaries.