• Pomp with 34% discount !
    Only till November, 30th you can order 3 bottles of CLEARWATER and get the pump with a 34% discount! Pay only 165 UAH* for 3 bottles of water and the pump. Special offer is valid only for new customers.
    *Additional payment of deposit for each bottle - 130 UAH. which is returned to you at the end of cooperation.
  • Go to school with ClearWater!
    Specially for the beginning of the school year, from the 1st of September till 15th of October, we prepared s special proposition for schools and kindergartens! You can choose any variation of your order of 6 and 10 l bottles. The whole school year proposition or half year. As our exprience shows, you can pay only 5-7 UAH per month (the class of 25 pupils) for your child to drink really gualitative and useful water at school or at kindergarten. Moreover we prepared supplementary presents for you.
    From 1st till 28th of February any type of cooler and Power Down for the whole period of cooperation! This is device that will help to reduce energy costs. Details about equipment.
    Only until December 5th buy a gift set of black tea Tess (100p) with a cup as a gift for a special price of 96 UAH, saving 10%.
  • Invite YOUR schools or kindergartens!
    If you like CLEARWATER and our service, just recommend us to your schools or kindergartens that don’t order CLEARWATER yet. After thay makes the first order and mentions your name, each of you will receive 2 bottles of CLEARWATER as a gift!
  • 2 bottles for free

    Make your first order till 30th of November, and get guaranteed 2 bottles for free. The promotion is valid only for new customers.
    The proposal does not stack with the action "pump at a discount - 34%"